How much will it cost to move my piano?

Rates are determined by different aspects of the piano move. Being more specific about the move will get you the most accurate quote.

What information do I need to get a quote?

The make and model of the piano. The make is found in the middle of the fall board above the keys. The model can be found inside the top lid of most uprights. In most grand pianos, the model is located on the harp under the music rack. If you can’t find the model, use the next step.

The size of the piano. Uprights should be measured vertically and grands should be measured from the keys to the nose or tail of the piano. Please let us know if you have a player unit attached to your piano.

The amount of stairs the piano needs to moved up or down. This is very important! Being specific about your stairs will give you the most accurate quote for the move. It is the main factor in how many men or different preparations that needs to be done prior to the move. Please notify us if you have hardwood, carpet, tile or any miscellaneous flooring.

Any out of the ordinary terrain. Please let us know if the piano needs to be wheeled over anything rather than pavement to your home.

Mileage. The distance from point A to point B.

Truck access. Living in Marin, we know how tight some roads can be! If you have any steep driveways, overhangs or obstructions, please let us know so we can prepare accordingly.

I’m not sure if the piano can get up the stairs, can you come take a look?

Absolutely! We give free local estimates in Marin County. If you are not in Marin, you can always take pictures and email us at